Important Species being planted

Whatʻs Being Planted?

  1. Hawaiian Koa (Acacia koa):

    • Details: Acacia koa, commonly known as koa, is a species of flowering tree native to Hawaii. It is the largest native tree in the Hawaiian Islands, known for its tall stature and beautiful wood.
    • Summary: Koa trees are prized for their wood, which is highly sought after for crafting furniture, veneer, and artisanal items. They play a significant role in Hawaiian culture and landscapes.
  2. ʻIliahi (Santalum paniculatum):

    • Details: ʻIliahi, or sandalwood, is a fragrant and slow-growing tree native to Hawaii. It has historically been used for its aromatic heartwood.
    • Summary: ʻIliahi is revered for its aromatic wood, which is used to create incense, perfumes, and traditional Hawaiian leis. Due to overharvesting, it is now a threatened species.
  3. Māmaki (Pipturus albidus):

    • Details: Māmaki is a native Hawaiian shrub or small tree that is cultivated for its leaves, which are used in traditional Hawaiian herbal teas.
    • Summary: Māmaki leaves are harvested to make a herbal infusion known for its health benefits and pleasant taste. It is valued for its role in Hawaiian traditional medicine.
  4. Pilo (Coprosma foliosa):

    • Details: Pilo is a native Hawaiian shrub that produces small, round, and vibrant red or orange fruits. It is an important plant in Hawaiian ecosystems.
    • Summary: Pilo plays a crucial role in the ecosystem as it provides a food source for native birds. Its fruit is used for traditional Hawaiian lei-making.
  5. Hōʻawa (Pittosporum confertiflorum):

    • Details: Hōʻawa is a native Hawaiian shrub or small tree known for its fragrant flowers and decorative seed capsules.
    • Summary: Hōʻawa is valued for its fragrant flowers and is used in lei-making and other decorative crafts. It is an important part of Hawaiian culture and traditions.
  6. ʻAʻaliʻi (Dodonaea viscosa):

    • Details: ʻAʻaliʻi is a hardy native Hawaiian plant with small, leathery leaves and distinctive seed capsules.
    • Summary: ʻAʻaliʻi is known for its versatility and is used in Hawaiian horticulture and landscaping. Its seeds were traditionally used as lei ornaments.
  7. Maile (Alyxia stellata):

    • Details: Maile is a fragrant, woody vine native to Hawaii, known for its glossy leaves and small, fragrant flowers.
    • Summary: Maile is highly valued for its fragrant vines, which are used in lei-making and traditional Hawaiian ceremonies. It is revered for its pleasant aroma and cultural significance.